Design Your Beautiful Home (Luxurious Home Design Ideas)

Design Your Beautiful Home (Luxurious Home Design Ideas) Thane, Mumbai, India

Design Your Beautiful Home (Luxurious Home Design Ideas) Thane, Mumbai, India

Seeing images of nice big houses all day is inspiring, I know. It makes you wonder about how it is to own one of these pretty big houses, and not just dream of these luxury home interiors.

Luxury home designs ideas can be the best and the simplest reference for you. As we all know that having the elegant house is everyone’s dreams.

If you made some plans about becoming a millionaire in the near future you have to know that when you will be, you will want to own a house with stunning architecture and incredible interior design.

The vanity that’s screaming within you will want to have luxury written all over it.

Got a budget to redecorate a room or add some amenities? Outfit your home with these luxurious design ideas listed below

> Grand Entryway – Open Floor Plans Triumph

Grand Entryway – Open Floor Plans Triumph - Luxury Home Designs

A house is not luxurious unless it has a grand entryway with a large two-story staircase and an expansive, airy open floor plan.

> Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology - Luxury Home Designs in Thane, Mumbai, India

We cannot shy away from the ever-increasing swarm of technological innovations. Today’s homeowners wish and wants it all when it comes to technology, and the builders that cater to this tech-trend are the ones who stay at the top of the real estate market.

With just a touch of a button on your iPhone or Android you can now lock your doors, control your homes climate, control lights and control your alarm system and more, are some of the built-in options that a luxury homebuyers should look for.

> Fully Stocked Kitchen

Fully Stocked Kitchen - Luxury Home Designs in Thane, Mumbai, India

Ah the kitchen, the heart of the home. Opulent living requires a magnificent kitchen. An appliance-lined, commercial-grade kitchen is a necessity when it comes to a million dollar home.  An affluent kitchen can contain warming draws, wine fridges, restaurant quality appliances, and plenty of storage via a walk-in pantry.


> Pools And Outdoor Kitchens

Pools And Outdoor Kitchens - Luxury Home Designs in Thane, Mumbai, India

A fully-stocked indoor kitchen is just not enough for one who seeks luxury. The top amenities of the ideal perfect outdoor kitchen would include a built-in gas grill, a sink and stainless food prep area, a small fridge for food and drink storage, and lots of lavish stone patio seating areas for entertaining.

Large pools, hot tubs and changing cabanas also top this lavish wish list. Expansive pools with water features like waterfalls and plenty of privacy is a must. The leisure life is moving outdoors and those houses that have an Al Fresco Flair rank high in the upper crust life style.

> The Perfect Location

The Perfect Location - Luxury Home Designs in Mumbai, Thane, India

Location is the crown jewel of home ownership. Rich or poor ? everyone desires their little piece of paradise. An expansive, private, tree-lined property that keeps prying eyes out should be considered as a necessity when it comes to luxuriant living. Wealthy homebuyers desires exclusivity on their property; a concealed oasis; a place to be free to relax and wind down in the utmost of secrecy.

> Home Theater / Music Room / Game Room

Home Theater / Music Room / Game Room - Luxury Home Designs in Mumbai, Thane, India

Gaming, music and movie rooms are an oldie but a still a goodie when it comes to luxuriant living.  It is a must given that a million dollar home should have an in-home theatre and game room. Wealthy houseowners take this fashion trend even further with amenities such as indoor basketball courts, indoor pools, and lavish sports bar set-ups that feature televisions and liquor storage.

> Spa-Inspired Bathrooms

Spa-Inspired Bathrooms - Luxury Home Designs in India, Mumbai, Thane

A sumptuous life requires a sumptuous bathroom.  The travels of an affluent individual will take them to some of the world’s best spas and hotels.  Homeowners wish to re-create this luxuriousness into their everyday lives via spa-like bathrooms in their very own homes.

> Great Exercise Room – Gym

Great Exercise Room - Gym - Luxury Home Design Ideas in India, Mumbai, Thane

The wealthy don’t like to sweat it out at the gym in front of everyone. Who will blame them when they can afford their own private and personal fitness facilities in their very own homes? The eminence of home gyms would obviously include plenty of space for weights and equipment, but would also include built-in wireless speakers, televisions, and of course, a sauna and indoor pool for post-workout relaxation.

> Master Bedroom Fit for a King and Queen

Master Bedroom Fit for a King and Queen - Luxury Home Design Ideas

Luxury lifestyle should not stop when one crosses the edge of their most private and personal sanctuary – the bedroom. So many hours of our lives are spent in the bedroom.  It’s imperative that the bedroom be a large open space with room for a massive bed and plenty of seating areas. Top-notch technology is also desired in this private abode. With built-in automation technological systems for lighting, security, remote control window shades and climate control topping the list of bedroom must-haves.

> Modern Dressing Room – A Superlative Storage Space

Modern Dressing Room – A Superlative Storage Space - Luxury Home Designs in India, Mumbai, Thane

An extension of the bedroom is the dressing room. One of the highest priority for wealthy women is a place to store and display their extravagant purchases such as shoes and purses.  Men and women alike seem to have an increasing desire for a large separate room for dressing and displaying their high-end garments.  This region of your home would require walls lined with cedar shelves, racks to display shoes, purses and neckties, and of course plenty of lighting and mirrors to model your chosen outfit or apply makeup.

Make Your Home Look More Expensive On A Dime

In an ideal world, we would all have a world-class designer at our disposal to make our spaces exude comfort, luxury, and sophistication. Sadly, truth hurts and our wallets run dry. Luckily, there are ways to get a custom, upscale look without breaking your budget. Here are few tips to consider when completely redecorating or when you’re just looking for a quick update.

  1. Display Fresh Flowers
  2. Use Variety of Textures
  3. Hang Curtains High
  4. Edit Your Accessories Collections
  5. Paint Colors That Give a Room a Relaxing Vibe
  6. Style Your Vignettes
  7. Ground furniture arrangements and add warmth, texture, and color with area rugs.
  8. Get a personalized look by switching out the standard stock shade that came with your lamp for a different option
  9. Use Matching Storage Containers
  10. Purchase and Add Semi-Custom Window Shades

Your point of view of luxury and style may drastically vary from others – we all have our own décor tastes and lifestyle goals – however, one thing is for certain – luxury is attainable in your home by including the most modern amenities, technologies and comforts.

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Why One Should Choose New Projects Over Resale Flats?

Resale Flat or Under Construction Flat, Which is better? | Real Estate In Mumbai, Thane , India

Resale Flat or Under Construction Flat, Which is better? | Real Estate In Mumbai, Thane , India

People thinking of buying a house always encounter this dilemma of whether to go for an old property or buy a new one. So, let me help you in figuring out why it is always better to go for a new project instead of a used property.

Your home will be an integral part of your identity. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to paint a unique masterpiece on a used canvas. Previous owners will always leave a certain imprint of their personality on the property.

When you go for a new project you are flooded with options. Right from modern amenities to developers offering you exclusive deals, pre-launch monetary benefit schemes, etc. The kind of amenities new projects provide are too good to resist. Today modern residential projects functions like a city within a city, these townships include amenities such as a club house, gymnasium, swimming pool, sport complexes, gardens, children’s play area, security and more. When you go for a new project you are not just offered a house, you are offered a lifestyle. The chances of getting these amenities in a resale flat is far too less.

New projects bank on advance technologies for better safety and security which is one the most important thing to be considered while buying a property. Modern developers ensure that there is a good security system in place that monitors and regulates people coming and leaving the premises. Older properties sometime even lack basic amenities like parking facility, power back up, etc. However new projects offer at least one covered parking space as well as backup power source. Developers these days make use of energy saving devices like solar panels, wind turbines, etc. which minimizes wastage of energy.

As soon as your phone notifies app or phone software updates, you do it instantly, because you know that the upgraded version will always have better features. Similarly, reputable developers are constantly upgrading technology. Flats in new projects tend to be more energy efficient, space optimized, environment and user friendly. So, if you can go for something more upgraded why settle for something outdated?

Banks also offer various home loan schemes on purchase of new property. You don’t have to pay the entire amount at once to own a house. On the other hand, if you go for a resale flat you must pay the entire purchase amount in one go, which can get a little difficult. There are very few bank offers to choose from if you are going for an older property.

One of my acquaintances recently bought an old flat. On the very first day she had to summon (PS: When woman, the boss of the house calls you, it is always a summon) the plumber as the sink in her new kitchen (it was new for her) was flooding. To her sheer disappointment the plumber said, “Arey madam, pehle wali madam bhi har dusre din yeh theek karne bula leti thi.” This is how her joy of owning a home turned into every morning blue (not only Monday morning). Key fittings in a resale flat generally tend to be old and used and hence can cause problems to the new owner within the first few months of possession, thus, levying additional costs on the new owner, whereas new flats come with new fixtures and fittings that ensure minimum problems during regular usage.

If you don’t like the paint on the older walls, change it. But major modifications in resale flats can be too costly whereas if you go for a new project you can ask the developer to customize it according to your requirement. If you opt for a new project you have a wide range of choices available in terms of preferred floors, house direction, etc. You can also get interiors done as per your taste.

Buying a home is a once-in-a-lifetime decision for many, so one must take extra care while finalizing their dream home. Make a wise choice, your home should make you happy instead of making you regret. Analyse and then finalize.


Affordable housing to boost demand this festive season

Festive season boosts demand for affordable homes in Mumbai, Thane, India

Festive season boosts demand for affordable homes in Mumbai, Thane, India

Call it a Diwali or Monsoon bonanza to the real estate industry: the newly formed Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has cut the repo rate by 25 basis points (bp) to 6.25% in its first ever monetary policy review. Ahead of festive season, RBI’s rate cut is a gift for homebuyers.

Repo rate is the rate at which the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) lends money to commercial banks.

A low interest rate regime is important for the country’s manufacturing sector, still posting muted growth.

The RBI’s decision to cut repo rate – a 7 year low, is in line with industry expectations amidst low inflationary trends, CBRE Chairman (India and South East Asia) Anshuman Magazine said. “We believe that this cut will result in making housing loans cheaper and help credit offtake in the housing sector.”


The decision to reduce the repo rate by the MPC was taken on the status of a good monsoon this year.

“the outlook for agricultural activity has brightened considerably. The south west monsoon ended the season with a cumulative deficit of only 3% below the long period average, with 85% of the country’s geographical area having received normal to excess precipitation. Kharif sowing has surpassed last year’s acreage, barring cotton, sugarcane and jute and mesta,” according to the MPC statement.


October is the biggest month for the industry in India. Buying any property during the festive time is considered auspicious, specially during the festive season of Navratri and Diwali. During this time the real estate sector becomes extremely active.

The RBI’s repo rate by 25 basis points from 6.25% to 6%. This will lead to cheaper home loans and boost the developer and customer sentiment. In terms of the festive season, buyers look more confident and it will boost the housing sales as home loan EMIs are expected to come down. The repo rate cut is expected to propel banks to cut down their lending rates further.


The stock markets gained ground on the back of rate-sensitive sectors such as banking and automobiles. Banking stocks slightly rose. SBI was up 0.09%. ICICI bank gained 1.07% and HDFC bank rose by 0.11%.

Inflation is at its lowest in five years. Banks to offer home loans at more attractive rates between 7 and 7.5% per annum. Cheaper loans for home buyers will promote a renewed and increased interest in residential property purchase from end users and investors. The cost of funding for real estate developers will also reduce. Overall, this decision has shown a positive move for the economy in general and therefore also for the real estate sector, as its performance is directly linked to the basic economic fundamentals.

In addition to the recent rate cut, GST (Good and Services Tax) benefits and RERA will boost the sentiment further.


Property Advice for Renting vs Buying

Property Advice for Renting vs Buying blog post

Property Advice for Renting vs Buying blog post

Rarely, does any financial decision raise as much interest as one that concerns your home. But, whether you should BUY one at this time or RENT it instead depends on several factors.

Regardless of the big-picture social and economic factors affects homeownership rates, determining whether and when to purchase a home is a personal choice that demands careful deliberation. This decision varies from market to market – what makes sense in Mumbai might not work in Delhi, and vice versa. Also, because Indian culture idealizes homeownership to a certain extent, emotional and social pressures can affect the decision almost as much as financial concerns.

Let’s look at all the pros and cons to help you make a well-informed decision of what will suit you, right now.

Benefits of Buying a House:

  • Greater privacy.
  • Owning a home offers the long-term benefits interms of security, equity and potential growth in personal wealth
  • Homes usually increase in value, build equity and provide a nest egg for the future.
  • You can make changes or improvements at will.
  • The costs are predictable and stable than renting because they’re ideally based on a fixed-rate mortgage.
  • You can live by your own rules without needing a landlord’s permission such as having pets etc.
  • The interest and property tax portion of your mortgage payment is a tax deduction.
  • There’s pride in homeownership, which also closely ties you to your community.
  • Buying a home can sometimes be cheaper than renting

Owning a Property: A Cherished Dream!

Disadvantages of Buying a House

  • Homeownership is a long-term financial commitment.
  • You’re responsible for all maintenance on your home. This can include repairs such as fixing a broken toilet to complex and costly repairs like replacing a furnace.
  • Owning a home ties you to your community, making it difficult to suddenly pick up and leave a location.
  • Although mortgage payments are mostly fixed, they’re generally higher than rent payments.
  • Buying a home requires a down payment, closing costs and moving expenses.

Benefits of Renting a House:

  • Renting a home can be cheaper than buying a home. Your payments tend to be less than a comparable house payment. Also, your rent may cover utility costs (additional savings).
  • You have more flexibility when you rent. Most leases are for 12 months. So, if your job requires you to move frequently, renting can be a desirable alternative to owning.
  • Your landlord (property owner), not you, is responsible for performing nearly all maintenance and repair work on the property.

Renting is more affordable

Disadvantages of Renting a House

  • There is no tax break for house renting. You won’t be able to claim any deduction for mortgage interest and property taxes when you file your tax returns.
  • Your renting costs aren’t fixed like they are with a fixed-rate mortgage. Your rent will most likely grow from year to year.
  • You might have to struggle to get the maintenance and repairs done in a timely manner.
  • As a tenant there are restrictions such as renovate the property, allowing pets, use of all amenities of your housing society etc.
  • There is no guarantee that a lease will be renewed when it expires.

According to a recent survey, it is said that 60% Indians prefer buying a property over renting a property.

The question of buying vs renting can be answered through the above discourse. At the same time, future cash-flows is the most important factor one has to consider while making a decision. Multiple components are taken into account while making a decision based on future cash-flows. These include income, savings, existing home loans, EMIs, maintenance, property tax, income tax benefits, deposits, down payment, brokerage, monthly rent, interest rates prevailing in the market. Thus, make a decision keeping all these factors in mind!

Need help buying a house? Download our House Buying Checklist. It will guide you to make the home buying process simpler or connect to our real estate experts at ? (+91) 92 2121 5151 / ? . Let us help you find the property that fits your lifestyle!


Do smart tax planning and get maximum saving

Do smart tax planning and get maximum saving - Real estate blog

Understand the implication of tax deductions!

Buying a home is one of the most expensive and important decision for anyone. Especially if the residential property is purchased through a home loan, the installments eat up a sizeable chunk of your hard earned money. Therefore, it is advisable to claim deductions in the tax paid on home loans, and save whatever you can.

There are many types of deductions possible on home loans like… Tax Deduction on Home Loan Interest as per Section 24; Tax Deduction on Principal Repayment as per Section 80C; Tax Deduction for First-Time Homeowners as per Section 80EE; and you can also claim HRA deduction if your employer gives you HRA in the salary.

Do smart tax planning and get maximum saving - Real estate blog

Buying home for the first time?

The section 80EE is in place to allow tax benefits to the first time home buyers. You can claim income tax deduction of up to INR 50,000 every year, on the interest paid on home loans. This deduction is over and above the INR 2,00,000 deduction allowed under section 24 for your own property.

You can also claim deduction up to INR 1,50,000 on principal repayment as per the Section 80C; and deduction on stamp duty and registration charges paid for the transfer of property, while the maximum deduction not exceeding INR 1,50,000. But these all deductions are allowed with certain regulations, to control their misuse. So, always consult an expert.

No more excuses! Follow these Tax-Saving Options that Save Tax and Grow Your Wealth

Thinking of buying property? Ask real estate experts to guide you through amazing tax benefits!


Why to invest in Thane?

Why to invest in Thane? Real Estate Investment in Thane - Blog Post

Thane offers more than Residences

Thane’s transition from being Mumbai’s village cousin to a legitimate, vibrant city has been a rapid, if not very smooth one. Developers, big and small, have left their architectural mark on Thane.

Towers, cranes and green netting now form the skyline of Thane against a hilly and green backdrop. These towering structures have been designed for every ticket size – from affordable to mid-market to super luxury. Homes in Thane are no longer seen as residences; they are a lifestyle and status symbol.

Why to invest in Thane? Real Estate Investment in Thane - Blog Post


The Thane district is one of the most urbanized districts in India. District’s 70% population lives in urban area. Thane Municipal Corporation has initiated the preparation of VISION-2031 for the city

The vision THANE – 2031 focuses on the development of economic and social infrastructure, strengthening of organization, financial accounting, budgeting systems and procedures and the overall capacity building of the organisation.

Reasons to invest in Thane properties

  • Thane, is well planned with modern infrastructure to absorb the demand for convenient and holistic lifestyle.
  • Thane has upcoming localities witnessing a development of a mega 14 KM stretch. These localities include Pokhran 1 and 2, Ghodbunder Road, Kholset Road, Majiwada and Waghbil. All these localities are witnessing a vertical growth in literal sense, with sky-high residential and commercial towers.
  • Top Real Estate Developers such as the Lodha Group, the Wadhwa Group, Hiranandani Group and the Rustomjee Group have set sights on Thane and have already come up with landmark estates.
  • Connectivity from Thane to Central Mumbai, Western Suburbs and Navi Mumbai is comfortable. Eastern Express Highway connects to Mumbai and the journey is a breeze, be it via road or trains.
  • Thane has proved to be Mumbai’s counterpart. Entertainment, if not better, is at par with that of Mumbai. Eternity, Korum, R-Mall and the Viviana Mall are some of the many entertainment hubs. Amusement Parks such as Tikuji-ni wadi and Suraj Water Park, are close at hand, and you just might reach faster than your Mumbai friends.
  • Thane itself boasts of many 4 and 5 star recreation clubs, flanked by scenic surroundings. The Blue Roof Club, Ovala on Ghodbunder Road, The Golden Swan Club in Yeoor, Pokhran and United-21, four star hotel cum family club.
  • Schools and hospitals in Thane, are in state of the art infrastructure. Vasant Vihar School, Lodha World School and many others provide holistic education. Hiranandani Hospital, Horizon Hospital, are reputed for their effective and reasonable medi-care.
  • Thane is also known as “The City of Lakes”. It is blessed with the ever-so pleasing beauty of lakes and greens. The TMC Garden, flanked by Yeoor Hills, is vast and beautiful contours soothe are a relief to your eyes. The Olawekar Wadi Butterfly Garden, is a sight one shouldn’t miss, as it holds a beauty of 132 butterfly species in their natural surroundings.
  • Thane city has multinational coffee-chain, Starbucks, bustles with avid book readers and coffee lovers in Viviana Mall. Pizza Express, Barbeque Nation, The United Sports Bar & Grill, and many other restaurants have a glaring presence. Vada-Pav, Maharashtra’s staple diet, is available at almost every corner, and doesn’t get more delicious.
  • Thane isn’t any different when it comes to enjoying significant capital appreciation in real estate prices. Burgeoning demand due to great connectivity and increasing corporate presence, the future is set to witness explosive appreciation. Ghodbunder Road, Pokhran Road, Kolshet Road and Vasant Vihar, are witnessing robust capital appreciation in Thane. Property values in all the four localities have increased by 30-32 per cent in the past few years. Rental growth in Thane West and Eastern suburbs are rising at a rate of 5% YoY. Buying and Rental of all kinds of properties also have risen in recent years since Thane has emerged as the most preferred market of Residential Real Estate and Commercial Real Estate.

Thane the city of lakes bolg post

Here are a few projects in and around Thane’s arterial Ghodbunder Road and Eastern Express Highway (EEH). These residential projects are well-designed, beautifully conceived, packed with amenities and well on their way to becoming iconic structures in Thane’s cityscape.

Projects by Puranik Builders

    • Tokyo Bay – 1 & 2 BHK Japanese style homes complete with Zen garden, tea garden and fire garden await you at Tokyo Bay, Ghodbunder road in Thane. Know more
    • City Reserva – The 1 and 2 BHK apartments at City Reserva in Thane come with features like unshared walls, front gardens and other premium amenities. Know more
    • Rumah Bali – Puraniks Rumah Bali offers 1 & 2 BHK homes with easy accessibility to western and eastern suburbs of Mumbai. Know more
  • Hometown – Puraniks Hometown is an intelligently designed gated community featuring all the amenities required for a contemporary lifestyle, and excellent facilities and services in the vicinity.


Puraniks Monsoon Bonanza – Zero Down Payment* & No GST Impact


(Limited Time Offer)

Projects by Lodha Group

  • Amara – LODHA Amara, a lush green 40 acres oasis located in Thane west offers spacious 1, 2 and 3 BHK luxury flats. Know more

Projects by Rustomjee Builders

  • Urbania – a 127 acre township in Thane offering luxury 2 & 3 BHK flats with best in class amenities for you and your children. Know more

Projects by The Wadhwa Group

  • Courtyard – Courtyard offers 2 and 3 BHK luxury apartments with modern amenities and recreational facilities near Ghodbunder road in Thane, Mumbai. Know more

Check all Real Estate Properties in Thane

Need help buying a house? Download our House Buying Checklist. It will guide you to make the home buying process simpler or connect to our real estate experts at ? (+91) 92 2121 5151 / ? . Let us help you find the property that fits your lifestyle!


Detailed Overview on Real Estate Regulations Act (RERA)

Detailed Overview on Real Estate Regulations Act (RERA)

Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act or RERA seeks to bring clarity and fair practices that would protect the interests of buyers and also impose penalties on errant builders.

Here is a look at the real estate regulator objective and RERA act implemented states:


  • Ensure accountability towards allottees and protect their interest.
  • Infuse transparency, ensure fair-play and reduce frauds & delays.
  • Introduce professionalism and pan India standardization.
  • Establish symmetry of information between the promoter and allottee.
  • Imposing certain responsibilities on both promoter and allottees.
  • Establish regulatory oversight mechanism to enforce contracts.
  • Establish fast- track dispute resolution mechanism.
  • Promote good governance in the sector which in turn would create investor confidence.

RERA ACT Implemented State/UT

  • Gujarat
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Chandigarh
  • Daman & Diu
  • Andaman & Nicobar
  • Lakshadweep
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Delhi
  • Maharashtra
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Odisha
  • Bihar
  • Rajasthan
  • Kerala
  • Uttarakhand


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How RERA act will benefit homebuyers [Infographic]

How RERA act will benefit homebuyers

With Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016 (RERA) come into force, let’s look at the benefits that will empower HomeBuyers!

RERA has taken into consideration and has tried to improve the things for the better so that the homebuyers do not suffer in the process of home-buying.

  • Complete & accurate disclosures to buyers Promoter will provide detailed list of disclosures on the website and issue an allotment letter to the buyer.
  • Low booking amount, reduced from 20% to 10% of the apartment / plot cost as an advance payment / application fees.
  • Helps to identify quality projects, every builder needs to register projects with the housing regulatory body, including details like plans, approvals and other credentials.
  • Prohibition of discrimination, no buyer can be rejected on the basis of caste, gender or religion.
  • No more delays of the Project, the builder has to give a written affidavit stating the time frame within which he will deliver the project.
  • You won’t be charge for area outside the walls, as a buyer you will need pay only for the carpet area (area within walls).
  • Ensuring your money being used only for your project, the builders has to deposit 70 per cent of the collected amount in an escrow a/c to ensure that money is not diverted from one project to another.
  • Construction Quality & Warranty for Project, RERA provides protection against any structural defects up to 5 years (earlier 2 years).
  • Fast-track grievance redressal, under RERA, regulatory bodies and appellate tribunals have to be set up in each state to solve builder-buyer disputes within 120 days.

How RERA act will benefit homebuyers

The intent of RERA is loud and clear – satisfaction of homebuyers and providing them value for their money.


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10 Things No Broker Will Tell You About Property Buying

Many people like to seek advice from a professional when it comes to buying a property. People generally approach a broker or real estate agent to get relevant details about property. However, here are 10 things no broker will ever tell you:

1. Ongoing Legal Issues: There could be certain trail or a lawsuit on the property or the house that you are interested in. Many brokers would avoid telling you the real reasons for the sale of property.

2. Hidden Problems: Unethical brokers would hide relevant information from you such as potentially large repairs. These hidden problems include trouble with pest control, cracks in the foundation of the house, leaks in the roof, and others.
3. The real price of the property: Most brokers will quote you a price which is higher than the ongoing rate in the market. They would back up their stated price mentioning you the benefits of the location, area, type of construction etc. This price may not be the true value of the property. As their commission is dependent on the sale price, it is obvious for them quote substantial figures.
4. No broker will ever tell you his/her fee is negotiable: They make it appear to their buyer that they have standard rates. However, if the buyer just really asks, the real estate broker can make some adjustments to their asking fees.
5. Everything else in the contract is negotiable too: Apart from broker’s fee, other parts in an agreement are negotiable too. If you don’t ask you don’t get. If there are more properties in the neighbourhood than people who want them, there is usually more room for negotiation.
6. Brokers are bias: For example, if a seller hired a broker to sell his property, then that broker is obliged to give the seller information that might be useful for the seller. For example, a buyer might reveal to a broker his budget for buying a property. Some sellers may ride on to this information and opt not to lower his selling price because he knows that the buyer can afford the home.
7. Lack of Knowledge: To become a real estate broker one doesn’t require any academic qualification, so the brokers may show they know everything but that is not the case.
8. Risk Factor: You’re unlikely to be told that greater risk is likely to lead to poorer returns. Brokers can be poor at judging risk for clients. Perhaps if their money was at stake they would take more care. It is always useful to exercise caution.
9. Paperwork and documentations: This is the most important part of your deal. Brokers usually highlight to their clients about their proficiency in handling documentations. Many brokers have tie ups with lawyer. It is advisable to hire an independent professional lawyer to look into the required paperwork.
10. You may hate your neighbours: Brokers will never tell you about your potential neighbours. Spend some time to figure out who will be living next door. It would be disastrous to spend money into a place only to have an unsympathetic relationship with someone who is only feet away from you.
Buying a house or investing in a property is not an easy task. It is your money which is at stake so choose wisely.

Game of Tantrums – The Dining Room

“Again Bhindi?” (PS if I will say Okra instead of Bhindi, the next question my Mom will ask, “Kitna padha hai aur kya karta hai?”). Let us not discuss my mom here (Period, sarcastic though). So, while I continue to throw tantrums on the dining table over repeatedly serving okra for dinner, I get nostalgic how this dining room has witnessed more genuine emotions then any of those highly exaggerated Indian melodramatic soaps (gosh…enough of me scoffing at dramas).

This dining room has seen it all, from half marathons to sprints beating Usain Bolt. Half marathons when the appetizer is of your choice but the main course refuse to inspire you to keep going. When the desserts are served, I am like, “Come on Usain Bolt, I bet you! Try gulping these gulab jamuns faster than me”. Sometimes the fight over TV remote with your sibling continues on the dining table, turning it into a mini Kurukshetra. The clattering of plate with spoon and fork, the intensity of the clatter being directly proportional to the intensity of fight with your sibling, where dining room remains constant. The wanting of more than just a glass of your favourite juice, the counting of ladoos remaining in the plate. This is what we used to do, but our parents were no less. “Sit straight, this is the dining table not a swing in the garden”, this diktat came from Dad. “Finish the glass of milk, if you want the new video game”, this is how mom used to play with my emotions (Yeah, I owe this emotional blackmailing trait in me to her. Thank You Mom :-). I hope she is not reading this otherwise; there will be another episode of “Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki” today in the dining room.

Basically, the dining room has seen all our mood swings. It is the place which brings all our loved ones together where we thank each other, say sorry, fight, laugh and say ‘Mummy this is really “YUMMY”’!!